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From the personal collection of:

George F. Witham
155 Raspberry Cove
Eads, TN  38028
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Legend - Next to German Fighters you will notice:

(*) = Knights Cross
(**) = Knights Cross with Oak Leaves
(***) = Knights Cross with Oak Leaves/Swords
(****) = Knights Cross with Oak Leaves/Swords + Diamonds
Signed Photographs

Glossy Photos of:

Luftwaffe "Air Wolves"
Nachtjager (night fighters)
Bomber Pilots
Stuka Pilots
Waffen SS
U-Boat - Kriegsmarine
Heer - Panzers
Italian/Japanese/Finnish Fighters
Royal Air Force
United States Army/Navy/Marines

Each Photo Includes*:

Signed Photograph  
Letter (Most Letters are Signed)
Short Biography (Some Signed)

*Please note that not all items contain everything listed above
Please see the individual item for the items it contains

We may have a Signed Print by artist J.G. Keck and Countersigned by the Pilot  also available for
Check for the
"Print Available" in the item description.

(note: Nine Luftwaffe portraits are only signed by the artists)  
See print for details