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Specializing in Fighter Pilot Aces

From the personal collection of:

George F. Witham
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United States Army Air Force
(World War II)
269. Aschenblener, Maj. Robert
W.F.E.A.F. 49th Fighter Group. Postcard size B&W photo signed on front,
inscribed. 10 Victories. Short note, with original envelope.

$ 45.00
270. Barber, Col. Rex T.
Signed on front, inscribed. Barber was with 339th Fighter Group during
WW2. Was on of the flyers on Yamamoto Raid led by Col. John Mitchell.
Barker surprised Yamamoto's plane as it was descending to land at Rabaul
and shot it down, killing Yamamoto. Yamamoto was the architect for the
sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Barber was Sqd. Cammander, 27th Fgt. Sqd.,
Korean war. Envelope.

$ 55.00
271. Brown, Col. Henry
8th Air Force, 17. 20 victories. Nice 5x7 photo signed on front, inscribed, with

$ 45.00
272. Brown, Hershel 15th A.F.
Victories 11, nice 8x10 B&W photo of "Herky" standing beside his Mustang
with 13 German kills painted on the fuselage with original envelope.

$ 45.00
273. Bryan, Col. Donald S. U.S. Airforce. 352 Fgt. Grp.
13 1/2 victories. Nice 5x7 of Bryan standing beside him P-51 Mustang with
original envelope.

$ 45.00
274. Dahlberg, Kenneth H. - 9th A.F.
Victories 14. Nice 8x10 photo of Dahlberg standing beside his P-51 Mustang
"Little Horse"

$ 45.00
275. DeHaven, Robert - M.F.E. Air Force.
Great 8x10 photo of DeHace standing beside his P-38 with 14 Jap kills
painted on fuselage. Inscribed to Linda with best wishes.

$ 45.00
276. East, Lt. Col. Clyde B. - 9th A.F.
13 victories. 8x10 photo of East sitting in the cockpit of his P-51 Mustang,
with 5 of his 13 kills showing. East was awarded 43, yes I said 43
unprecedented air medals. Signed on front of photo. Short note signed is

$ 45.00
277. Gabreski, Col. Gabby. 56th Fighter Group
28 kills WW2, 6 1/2 kills in Korean War. Nice 8x10 color photo of Gabby
sitting in the cockpit of his P-47 with 31 kills flags painted on fuselage.

$ 45.00
278. Goebel, Lt. Col. Robert J. - 15th Air Force
11 kills. 8x10 B&W photo depicting Goebel sitting on the outside edge of his
P-15 Mustang with 11 kills flags on the fuselage. Signed on front.

$ 45.00
279. Goodson, James
Great photo of Goodson sitting in the cockpit of his P-51 pointing to 30
swastikas painted on his plane. 15 aeriel kills and 15 ground kills. 8x10 B&w
photo, real nice.

$ 45.00
280. Green, Herschel - 317 Fgt. Sqd., 325 Fgt. Group.
Victories = 18. 8x10 B&W photo signed and signed letter.

$ 45.00
281. Hill, Tex
8x10 B&W photo of 2nd squadron pilots, signed by Tex Hill under his photo.

$ 45.00
282. Holloway, Gen. Bruce K. - C.B.I. Theater
13 victories. Nice 8x10 color photo of Holloway as Brig. Gen. SIgned  on front
of photo. Very hard to get photo. Holloway was Robt. Scotts Ex. Off. in the
14th A.F.

$ 75.00
283. Ilfrey, Jack - C.O. 79th Sqd., 20th Fgt. Grp., 8th Air Force
8 victories. 8x5 B&W photo, signed.

$ 45.00
284. Jernstedt, Kenneth A. - Flying Tiger
10 1/2 kills. B&W postcard size photo, signed on front. Also short note on
"memo from the cluttered desk of a Flying Tiger". Signed

$ 45.00
285. Johnson, Lt. Col. Robert SA. - 8th A.F.
28 Victories. 8x10 B&W photo of Johnson sitting in the cockpit of his P-47
Thunderbolt with 28 kills flags on fuselage. Tied Gabreski for kills in 8th A.F.

$ 45.00
286. Loisel, Col. John S.
Commanded 475th & 432nd Fighter Groups during WW2. 11 kills in FAR
EAST A.F. Commanded 474th FGT. In Korean War. 4x5 B&W photo with
Loisel standing beside his P-38. Includes short note and biography.

$ 55.00
287. Lopez, Don - F.E.A.F.
Great photo of Lopez standing beside his P-40 Warhawk. Lopez is Curator
at Air Museum at Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Authorized book
"Lopes Hope" about his WW2 experiences. 8x10 B&W signed on front.

$ 45.00
288. Mahurin, Walter (Bud) Col.
P-47 Thunderbolt Ace with 25 1/2 victories in WW2. Also flew in Korean War
getting 3 1/2 victories. Shot down and held prisoner of war in Korea. Nice
5x7 color photo of a painting of Mahurin signed by him. Short letter signed.

$ 45.00
289. Olds, Robin Col. - 8th Air Force.
12 victories WW2 (4-Vietnam) Nice 8x10 B&W photo of Olds standing beside
his P-51 Mustang. Inscribed.

$ 45.00
290. Robbins, Jay T. - 80th Fgt. Sqd., 8th Fgt. Grp., 5th Air Force
22 aerial victories. 4 victories on a single mission, two times.
Decorations: distinguished service cross with one oak leaf cluster,
distinguished service medal with one oak leaf cluster, silver star w/1 oak leaf
cluster, legion of merit w/1 oak leaf cluster, distinguished flying cross w/3 oak
leaf clusters, air medal with 6 oak leaf clusters and the Air Force
commendation medal w/1 oak leaf cluster. 5x7 B&W photo, signed on front.

$ 45.00
291. Strait, Donald Col. - 8th Air Force.
13 1/2 victories. Great photo of Strait standing beside his P-51 Mustang with
kill flags on fuselage. Signed and inscribed on front. Short note signed.

$ 45.00
292. Scott, Robert L. Col. - C.B.I. Theater
13 victories. Commanded 14th Air Force which absorbed "Flying Tigers"
when they disbanded. Flew P-40 which he had affectionately named "Old
Exterminator". Nice 8x10 B&W photo signed on front. Scott is sitting in the
P-40, kill flags on fuselage. Signed letter.

$ 55.00
293. Watkins, James A. (Duckbut) - F.E.A.F
12 victories, 4 in one flight. Signed B&W 5x8 photo, short note signed, and

$ 45.00
294. Yeager, Chuck Brig. Gen.
Nice 8x10 color photo of Yeager standing with Stealth Fighter in background.
Yeager had 11 1/2 victories with 8th Air Force during WW2. Test Pilot for
U.S. Air Force. Tested Bell-X15 rocket ship that paved the way for U.S.
space program. Not allowed to fly as an astronaut (Yeager didn't have a
college degree, a necessary requirement for the space program.) Yeager
flew and tested all types of equipment that was used in the space program.
Signed on front, inscribed.

$ 45.00
295. Yamahota Raid Photograph.

One of the most Daring and successful raids during WW2.

On April 13,1943,the US Navy broke the Japanese code and learned that
Admiral Yamamoto planned to inspect his Troops on the Island of
Bougainville the 18th of April, giving the exact time of arrival and with an
escort of 6 Fighter Planes.

The US Navy did not have any Fighter Planes with the range to fly to
Bougainville and back, so the Mission fell to the Army Air Forces 339th
Fighter Squadron based at Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, and the
Squadrons P-38 led by Major John Mitchell.

Mitchell with 16 P-38's flew the 436 miles to Bougainville and caught Admiral
Yamamoto's plane as it was about to land. Yamamoto's plane was shot down
and he was killed and another plane with his Staff was shot down also.The
incident was kept quite untill after the war ,so as not to alert the Japanese
that we had broken their Code.

Signed by Nine of the surviving Pilots. These are guaranteed original
Signatures.I picked this up at the 1999 Reunion of the 347 Fgt. Group at
Biloxi Mississippi when my son and I were Guests at the Reunion.

Also included is an article in Kings Cliff (20th Fighter Group Magazine) on
the raid written by George Chandler, P-38 Ace in the 339th Fgt. Sqd. Photo
of Kings Cliff magazine is a little light but original is great.

8x10 B&W photo signed by 9 of the 15 surviving pilots (only 3 survive today).
The 16th pilot, Lt. Ray Hine, was shot down and killed during the action.
Great photo.

$ 115.00